Public Fund Trustees

As is legally required of all public funds, a Committee, the majority of whom come under the ATO definition of ‘Responsible Persons’, administer the ANHCA Public Fund for DGR. The people listed below are known as the ‘Public Fund Trustees’ or the ‘ANHCA sub-committee’ and are responsible for reviewing and approving the support of all project applications and the release of funds to ensure they will be used for the purposes they were granted for and for the benefit of the community.

Hon Michael Beahan AM, Chairperson 

Michael is a retired government relations consultant, who does pro bono work for the community sector.  He was secretary of the Wingate Avenue Community Centre for six years and, as a member of the DGR Research and Advocacy group helped the sector achieve government approval for the conduit fund for DGR now administered by ANHCA. A former senator and President of the Australian Senate, Michael currently chairs the ANHCA Public Fund for DGR.  He was a board member of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria and is a Director of Merri Health, a community health service covering the north-west region of Melbourne.

Nicole Battle 

Nicole is the Chief Executive Officer of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria and has over ten years experience working in local government holding senior roles within Community Development, Youth Services, Emergency Management and Governance. She has also held a number positions within the not for profit sector, and currently lectures in politics at Melbourne University. Nicole is passionate about social justice and is particularly interested in gender equality and Indigenous rights. Nicole has been a longtime supporter of Neighbourhood Houses and the important role that they play within local communities.

Andrew Keightley 

Andrew Keightley has recently retired from his roles as CEO of the Camden Community Centre and Chairperson of Community Centres SA. In these capacities and as an ANCHA committee member Andrew has been closely associated with the DRG fund and its operation. Prior to his seven years working in the community sector Andrew held various positions in the South Australian government including Advisor to the Minister for Transport and numerous management positions.

Hasan Erdogan

Hasan is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with over 7 years’ experience, primarily working as a tax consultant in the private sector. In addition to this Hasan has previously been a director of Merri Health, a community health service covering the north-west region of Melbourne. In 2016 Hasan began working for a Member of Federal Parliament as office manager. Hasan is passionate about politics and social justice, and believes Neighbourhood Houses provide valuable support to local communities.

Gill McFadyen 

Vanessa Meachen